Saturday, March 7, 2009

cocoa wheats

It's raining, I'm still in my pajamas at 10:15am, and I have no pressing engagements or tasks waiting for me. I couldn't imagine a better start to the day, truly. My mom and I are going recital dress shopping today before I go back to the city. She made me cocoa wheats for breakfast.

All of these things have served to remind me this fine morning of the simple beauty of life. My favorite things are usually the simplest, and I am quite possibly the most easily-excited person I know (with the possible exception of my twin-friend, Alethea). There are few things in life that I like better than playing in the rain, and the day is soon coming when I will be able to do so without risking pneumonia--and that day is calling.

Spring break has officially begun today, though mine began Thursday (tee-hee), and tomorrow my friends and I are leaving for a cabin in Iowa where we will spend the week sleeping in trees. Well, at least that's my plan. There is a monastery nearby where we'll go to Mass, and plenty of woods around in which to run!!

Truly, this will be a fantastic week and I can't wait! =)

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