Thursday, November 20, 2008

crochet (that's pronounced "crow-shay")

Being out of yarn when one is used to crocheting in one's boring classes is awfully distressing. Just yesterday, I finished my second scarf in three weeks and now I'm out of yarn. I keep stealing Alethea's yarn, which I intend to replace as soon as I can get to the store, and I don't want to keep stealing it. This means that today I was forced to sit through my Romantic Music History class with nothing to do.

You would think that being in class would automatically give me something to fully occupy my time, but that is not the case, generally speaking. I slept through class today in five-minute increments, waking every time I thought Lee was addressing me. He never did, but nevertheless, if you've ever tried to sleep (or have fallen asleep against your will) in a situation in which there is a known potential for great folly, like missing your El stop or a question from your instructor, then you'd know that it is a highly unpleasant experience. You awake in a tizzy every couple of minutes wondering if you've missed that thing that you couldn't afford to miss.

Anyway, I didn't pay much attention today, but I know that it was a pointless class. How do I know? Because we were analyzing Tristan und Isolde, and most of us had already done so in Theory IV earlier this semester. That's basically all we did. And if I'd had my crocheting, I would have survived. As it is, I know have two lovely little oily spots on the back of my notebook from where my nose and forehead were using it as a pillow.

Good times.

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